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Top 5 Controllers By Ali, Andy, Fraser & Robin

With the prospect of getting our mitts on the next generation of home console controllers,
we here at 42 have been talking about our favourites of the past and present and in a bid
to determine the best controllers out there we have each come up with our top 5.


Alister Kenedy AKA thealmeista

Gcon45_1 42 level one
  1. N64 Pad - The Z trigger underneath and the analogue stick made this perfect for Goldeneye sessions. It might of looked a bit dodgy but was the best way to control games in the, at the time, brand new 3D graphics era!
  2. Dreamcast Controller - The thing felt sturdy in your hands (giggiddy) had a satisfying pop click to the buttons and the freaking VMU! A screen in your controller! Groundbreaking.
  3. XBox 360 Controller - The trigger buttons man. All about the triggers. LT and RT are made for shooters and have pressure sensitive springs, which are simply awesome.

  4. Wii U Gamepad - No words. Just hold one, it’s virtually a tablet!

  5. G Con 45 - The at home replica of the arcade classic was plugged into my PS1 constantly, for at least a year, for games of Point Blank and Time Crisis. The best light gun ever, often imitated never replicated.


Andy Urquhart AKA damien14273

  1. Dreamcast Controller - The solid construction combined with the groundbreaking leap from the Saturn controller to this behemoth and possibly the best analogue stick ever make this my favourite controller of all time.
  2. Dualshock 3 (PS3) - Despite numerous controller problems at the start of it’s lifecycle (see the boomerang prototype and Sixaxis controller with no rumble). Sony finally rectified all of these issue with the launch of the DualShock 3 the classic Playstation controller moto of if it ain’t broke don’t fix it makes this one of my 5, the uncomfortable analogue sticks stop it from achieving greatness (and my No1 spot).
  3. N64 Controller - One of the wackiest looking controllers ever but surprisingly it was perfect for most games on the system. Thanks to it’s pistol like grip and Z trigger it was especially good for first person shooters like Goldeneye and Perfect Dark.

  4. Wavebird (GameCube) - Nintendo’s wireless GameCube controller was easily the best of that generation using smart innovations and more buttons than you knew what to do with puts it in this illustrious field.

  5. Sega Saturn Controller S - This was the second Saturn controller to launch in Europe after Sega lumped us with a horrible massive controller for our “bigger hands”. Safe to say this iteration harkens back to the classic Mega Drive controller and improves upon it in every way. A retro classic.

Fraser Graham AKA frasergraham18

atari st joystick42levelone
  1. Xbox 360 Controller - The best of the best, and the only one I play games well with!

  2. Atari ST Joystick - My childhood favourite.

  3. NES Control Pad - The first controller I ever used still holds a special place in my heart.

  4. Megadrive Controller - Every time I see one it reminds me of Sonic 2. Fond memories indeed!

  5. Dreamcast Controller - Interactivity with the VMU was fantastic. I loved raising my Sonic Adventure Chao like a Tamagotchi.

Robin McGrath AKA Liveforthemusic

  1. XBox 360 Controller - There is no comparison for comfort, fits your hand like a glove and is useable by all ages as my 3 year old plays Minecraft using it and can easily operate Netflix.
  2. Wii U Gamepad - Yes I said it the Wii U pad! It’s comfortable and does exactly what it’s meant to do.
  3. Gamecube Controller - Comfortable and easy to use, perfect starting point for me before I moved on to the Xbox. I spent many a night slaying skeletons in Zelda or hoovering up ghosts with this bad boy!
  4. N64 Controller - The lazy gamer controller, is it a gun or is it a controller? That and the fact that you can play one handed made Goldeneye that much more memorable.
  5. SNES Gamepad - The first controller I ever used on the first games console I ever had. I never had a single problem with it. Sturdy and basic and got the job done.

So there you have it folks the results are in and it’s the Xbox 360 Controller that comes out on top when you combine the top fives! Tied for second are the Dreamcast and N64 controllers. Surprisingly fourth is the Wii U Gamepad. And bringing up the rear at number five it’s the Gamecube Wavebird controller. So Nintendo still has a significant presence with three of our top five controllers! With Sega’s Dreamcast controller still living long in the memory. Sony is a no show in the overall top five so a bit of ground to be made up with the Dual Shock 4. But with the Xbox 360 controller seemingly being perfected with the Xbox One Controller will Microsoft continue to reign supreme in our top five? Only time will tell! Stay tuned to the 42 Level One weekly podcast available on Stitcher Radio, itunes and all podcast apps and also live on every Tuesday @ 9:30PM GMT (4:30PM EST, 1:30PM PST) to hear if our opinions change over the coming months with the launch of the new consoles.