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The Wolf Among Us - Episode 1 - Faith - Review by Alistair Kennedy (PS3)

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The Wolf Among us is Telltale Games latest point and click adaptation of a popular comic series, the previous entry being the 2012’s game of the year The Walking Dead which was an amazingly well done version of the Walking Dead universe. This time Telltale have decided to adapt Vertigo’s Fables series (which I  devoured after finishing this chapter of the game). Fables is a modern day take on just about every classic fairy tale, folk tale and legend you can think of from Pinocchio to Robin Hood every childhood character has been included in these stories. The basic premise is "the fables" as they like to call themselves have been banished from their homelands and taken refuge in a corner of New York City known as Fabletown where all past sins have been forgotten and a fresh start has been given to all. Characters such as the three little pigs however are unable to pass as human so have to live with the other non human fables at the farm up state, still with me? Good!

The first episode is called "Faith" Telltale Games place you in the shoes of a Mr Bigby Wolf, who is the famous wolf from red riding hoods story (also he's the one who huffed and puffed the pigs houses). As Bigby in human form (thanks to an enchantment by a witch) he is tasked as sheriff of fable town and is the games protagonist if you will. The story takes place 20 years before the first issue of the comic (and is being considered as canon) so after the shocker of an ending it will be interesting to see how this case is solved!

Anyway gameplay wise this is very much like The Walking Dead - it's a 3rd person point and click game that gives you multiple choice answers to give characters that can and will effect your own personal story! Now the choices given in this are usually between mild and extreme, making the playthrough feel like it's your own answer. However choices can vary vastly from a simple nod to ripping a characters arm off, it's totally up to you. The game plays out like a film noir detective novel with Bigby being the detective keeping tabs on his seedy part of town, which itself is a very atmospheric place and has the right slimey and dark feel to it that screams "wrong side of town". One new feature used frequently in this game is the quick thinking moments where in a fight you may find yourself a bit tied up and an on screen prompt telling you to move the right stick to a certain spot and hitting R2 gives the feel of an actual on screen struggle.

To talk of the storyline would be to ruin this game as the story is it's main stand out, fan of the comics or not there is something in the main quest that will captivate any 18+ warm blooded male or female through to the end. Voice acting is strong and after reading several volumes of Fables the characters are well played in this game and each suit their individual personalities from the damsel in distress to the Wolverine-alike Bigby. It's a world which is easy to fall in love with and because everyone already knows these characters it feels almost like re visiting some old friends.

All in all this game at 3.99 for each episode (or 15.99 for the season pass) is a must buy in the closing days of the PS3 and is one to keep a hold of the old horse yet! So I'm off for another play through to grab me that last trophy and I'll see you all Tuesday nights 9.30pm live on!

Alister Kennedy



Overall Score - 9/10