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The Room Two Review by Alister Kennedy (iPad)

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In 2012 Fireproof games released a touch based game for iOS that went on to win multiple accolades including a BAFTA. Now with 2013 coming to a close, we welcome in The Room Two, the follow up to the original touch based puzzle game.

For this review I will try avoid any story spoilers as many may, like myself, find themselves engrossed in this mysterious world.

The Room Two follows on almost directly from the free ”epilogue” DLC for the original and starts you out facing a table with only a note, your eyepiece and your own puzzle solving skills to continue.

Puzzles in The Room Two are figured out by touching, pressing, swiping and sliding the many puzzle pieces around the mysterious Chinese puzzle box style objects that are laden across the tables. In the sequel Fireproof have significantly upped their game, during my playthrough of the levels at Eurogamer 2013 I was shown that now instead of one box, one table they have added several more tables, cabinets and other objects during each stage, meaning you have to zoom out (via a simple pinch) to examine every nook and cranny of the beautifully designed levels, in order to reach your goal.

The sound and music really helps to up the atmospheric creepiness which oozes from this title. This is especially effective when using your headphones with your mobile device. Hints are back again and as usual touching the ? in the top left corner will assist you up to three times for every moment you may stumble at, and believe me there will be plenty! The game is split into 7 chapters this time round with each new stage having it's own unique design, from an Indiana Jones style crypt, to a cabin on a ship. There is certainly a much more varied approach to the levels this time around and it will take players quite a bit longer to complete than the original. Using touch controls for this game is an experience unlike any other and has really been well thought out to immerse the players further rather than other titles that use touch as a gimmick The Room Two simply couldn't work without them, every new switch, latch and button gives you the feeling of genuinely exploring these magical boxes.

Fireproof games have yet again blown me away with the variation in levels, new puzzle difficulty, multiple tables, new objects, and the sound effects/music work in harmony to hauntingly present an uneasy atmosphere throughout your gaming experience. All in all a highly recommended puzzle game that's likely to wow both new fans and old and if you haven't heard of either title then what are you waiting for? Your journey awaits! And if, like me, you decide to go back after a few months to replay the games I guarantee you will be thrilled and treated to head scratching moments all over again. Very few games can be described as a "system seller" when it comes to the iPad as a gaming device but, if Apple had any sense in marketing their device as a proper gaming machine these games would be flying the flag as the one reason you should own one.

Simply put The Room Two is a pleasure to play and feels like a privilege to experience, a labour of passion that shines through this title from it’s roots. Outstanding piece of art from some highly skilled people dedicated to mastering their craft and who are steam rolling ahead in setting standards and raising the bar for the entire indie game market. Hats off to the guys at Fireproof and here's to number 3!

Aliser Kennedy
42 Level One

The Room Two now available on iPad at 2.99 coming early 2014 to iphone and android

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Overall Score - 10/10