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State Of Decay - Review by Robin McGrath (XBox 360)

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Ok, so some people say that Zombies are over and done and that its time to move on to greener pastures. But I say they are wrong. With the movie World War Z just out we needed something new in the zombie game genre to sink our teeth back into. Take The Walking Dead, add in some sandbox style free roaming, with a twist of Dead Rising, mix it all together and what have you got? A work of art. An actual Zombie survival game that handles beautifully looks good and is just like living in the same world as Rick and the rest of The Walking Dead. That one grabbed you by ghoulies!

Right from the word go we are thrown into utter carnage, fight or flight style, as we are taught the controls of the game through some nice and easy “go there - check that” style tutorials but don’t get too comfy just yet.

 Marcus, is the main character who is flung in at the deep end all alone during the first couple of missions until you meet a female character who can more than happily take care of herself. However it’s not until you reach the main town that this game truly becomes incredible.

Once you reach the church in town with other survivors. That is when the true crux of the game begins. The real missions start and you have to make life or death choices, where you have to scavenge and manage your survivors to keep everyone’s happiness ticking over

Now even though you start as Marcus, you are free to swap between certain characters. However, character selection becomes crucial as, while playing, your characters become injured and fatigued.

Now battling the undead is not with out it’s necessities so as with all zombie games you’re going to be needing as many guns and other weapons as you can lay your hands on. So scavenge and search everywhere because your going to need all you can carry! The only problem with this is the limited space in your backpack and that much the bigger (and as we know bigger=better right?) weapons take up more space in your backpack so only take what you really, really need when going out scavenging. The rest of your gear can be stored in the church under the watchful eye of your fellow survivors. Think of this as a kind of survival management section of the game.

The reason for all the questing in the game is, to earn your keep in the town you must search for supplies to feed, and medicine to maintain the injured townsfolk. As the game progresses you will earn points to upgrade the towns facilities adding another layer to the zombie apocalypse survival sim feel the game has. The graphics are fantastic and the ambiance atmosphere and general realistic feel is incredible.

In conclusion
this game is a must buy. If you’re reading this buy it. You will not be disappointed. It has everything and more to fill all the (zombie) needs you will ever need. That is why I give this a blood stained 9/10

Lord Robin Keeper of the Minions @ 42 Level One


Overall Score - 9/10