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Welcome note:
Starling City Radio podcast discusses and analyses everything Green Arrow. From the comic books to the hit TV series “Arrow”, you’ll find everything you need to know about the Emerald Archer!

About the hosts:

Alister Kennedy has already hit the podcast scene hard with his stellar gaming show “42 Level One”. When he isn’t busy covering all things video games, you can find Ali slowly getting to grips with his new found love of the Green Arrow.

Ross Shaw has a passion for all things comic books and video games. He has been an avid fan of the Green Arrow for almost 10 years and continues to read up on the Emerald Archer.




Episode 20 - I See What You Did There - 23/05/2014

This week the SCR boys are VERY excited over the new batsuit reveal,Jeff Lemire and Andrea Sorrentinos - Green Arrow New 52 Vol 4 (check out our rating we gave it!) Arrow Season 2 Episode-Streets of Fire and discuss Season 2 Finale predictions! A highly excitable episode not to be missed! Dig that dig guys!

Episode 21 - Cat Arrows & Hilarity - 31/05/2014

SCR do a summary of Arrow Season 2, discuss their favourite episodes, review Arrow Vol 2 (CW TV show tie in comic) and Ross does a brief summary on Ollie’s changes in Season 2 as our character profile. Dig that dig guys!

S2 Ep 1 - Speculation On The 3rd - 08/08/2014

Season 2 of SCR begins with Arrow Season 3 news, rumours, SDCC talk and much more. Stay tuned and be the hero.

S3 Ep 1 - An Episode Of Firsts - 10/10/2014

SCR returns after a lengthy season 2 and brings it with all your DC TV firsts! This week joined by Andy from Agents Of Shieldcast. The SCR boys talk Arrow S3E1, Flash S1E1, Gotham S1E1, Roy’s buckle fetish, Black Canary 3.0 and much more! Also some announcements concerning Speedforce Podcast and SCR’s future. It’s a good one, tune in and don’t fail your city!

S3 Ep 2 - Operation DC Overload - 18/10/2014

SCR returns. This week Ali is on holiday so Ross is joined by Andy from Agents Of Shieldcast. The SCR boys talk Arrow S3E2, Gotham S1E2,3 & 4, Spike Man, all DC’s movie announcements and much more! DC-Tastic! Tune in, dig the dig and always remember: don’t fail your city!


Sadly Starling City Radio is no longer producing new episodes, if you like what you hear please tune in to 42 Level One live on every Tuesday at 9:30pm GMT (4:30 EST, 1:30 PST) where you can hear Ali and frequent guest Andy talking about TV shows (including Arrow & Flash), movies, comic books and videogames.

Thank you for all your support!

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