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Lego Marvel Superheroes Preview by Andy Urquhart

Finally my dream is coming true! 

Safe to say I am just a little bit excited for this game!

Now all we have to go on so far is a 2 minute developer trailer and no release date but we have confirmed characters and a couple of locations as well as a lot to
speculate on so let's start with the confirmed characters:

Black Widow
Captain America
Iron Man

These were all shown (except Galactus) in the brief trailer so lets take them one by one and break them down as Legos

Black Widow AKA Natasha Romanov
A master assassin who is a shield agent with a chequred past, expert in espionage and martial arts. Member of the Avengers.
Likely abilities - possible high jump, possible seduction

Captain America AKA Steve Rogers
The super soldier. A normal guy given the super soldier serum during the Second World War who was subsequently frozen in ice and thawed out 70 odd years later
in the present. He has a shield made of virtually indestructible vibranium and is an all round good guy and tends to be the leader with a conscious.
Member of the Avengers.
Likely abilities - shield throw target and subdue enemies, completing circuits using shield, throwing shield into special gaps in walls to create platforms
(super strength is unlikely as he will be an early character in the game).

Deadpool AKA Wade Wilson
The merc with a mouth. The mutant with healing factor similar to Wolverine’s who was also part of the weapon x program sort of an anti hero who loves nothing more
than the sound of his own voice (well maybe money, women and chimichangas!). He frequently breaks the fourth wall and is generally very funny. Member of X-Force.
Likely abilities - guns and katanas as well as regenerating hearts.

The world eater is a cosmic enemy generally associated with the Fantastic Four and sometimes The Avengers. Now he is approximately 10 times taller than the Hulk!
So expect him to be one of the later bosses in the game. Due to his sheer size he is very unlikely to be playable (unless someone shrinks him down using a shrink ray,
I’m looking at you Yellowjacket!)

Hawkeye AKA Clint Barton
Another master assassin shield agent, this time an expert with a bow. Member of the Avengers.
Likely abilities should be different types of arrows ie. fire, ice, ropes etc perfect for a Lego game!

The Incredible Hulk AKA Dr. Bruce Banner
The gamma monster, exposed to gamma radiation by an accident during an experiment scientist Bruce banner transforms into the hulk whenever he gets angry.
The hulk is a mostly uncontrollable beast who lacks the intelligence of Bruce and simply loves to smash.
Likely abilities - super strength , ability to smash destructible objects, possible high jump.
Also notable is that he is approximately twice the height of any other previous playable Lego character which is very exciting
in itself as Lego Lord of The Rings had the cave troll but it was not playable, so to get to finally play as a 'big guy' is very exciting!

Iron man AKA Tony Stark
The billionaire, playboy philanthropist, weapons manufacturer who built his own suit of armour after an incident in which he had to build an Arc Reactor in
order to stay alive. It turned out to be able to power the suit as well so he perfected it and is now the super hero known as Iron Man. Member of the Avengers.
Likely abilities - flight, hacking electronic devices (including a remote control helicopter!), possible strength, targeted blasts.

Loki Laufeyson
God of mischief, adopted brother of Thor and all round bad guy.
Likely abilities -  persuasion, targeted blasts.
Likely to be unlocked later in the game but will be playable

Magneto AKA Max Eisenhardt/Magnus/Erik Lehnsherr
Mutant master of magnetism and another bad guy.
Likely abilities - possible flight with metal discs, control of metal objects, immune to psychic attack.
Also likely to be unlocked later in the game but will be playable.

Spider-Man AKA Peter Parker
The superior, amazing, web swinging, spectacular Spider-Man the teenage science nerd who was bitten by a genetically modified spider and inherited the
proportional strength of the spider, as well as the ability to stick to and climb walls and ceilings and his Spider Sense giving him advance warning of attacks.
Also invented his
trade mark web shooters enabling his swinging around the city. Occasional Avenger.
Likely abilities -web swinging, targeting web shooters, spider sense dodging and sensing of nearby items, switches etc, possible high jump from web swinging.

Thor Odinson
The Asgardian god of thunder.
The son of Odin, came to earth to learn humility and became embroiled in all kinds of adventures including becoming an Avenger.
Likely abilities - targeted hammer throw, flight, possible strength, lightning attacks.

Wolverine Aka James Logan Howlett.
Former member of Weapon X who utilized his enhanced healing factor to graft adamantium to his entire skeleton, including his retractable bone claws.
Member of the X-Men and occasional Avenger.
Abilities - regenerating hearts, possible strength, fast attack, tracking (similar to Aragon in Lego Lord Of The Rings), berserker rage attack.

So that's your lot for confirmed characters at the moment we will speculate on some of the more likely characters to be included shortly,
but for now let's have a look at the locations.

New York City

NYC is a given as its the focal point of most of the marvel universe. This will be the central hub and feature all the current real life land marks Central Park,
Empire State Building, etc as well as the big Marvel land marks such as Stark Tower, Avengers Mansion, The Daily Bugle, Oscorp Tower, The Baxter Building etc.
Rumour has it the city will be in ruins at the start of the game (perhaps following on from events in Avengers Assemble?) and part of the game will be involved
in rebuilding the city. I simply cannot wait to be let loose in this world.


Home of Loki, Thor and Odin linked to Earth (Midgard) by a magical bridge called the Bifrost. A fantastical place full of splendor and packed full with palaces
and trophies of war. Expect this to be unlocked as the game progresses.

Other possible locations are likely to be:
Atlantis (Home of Namor The SubMariner, underwater city)
Latvaria (Dr Doom’s home country)
The Negative Zone, specifically the Prison (Accessed through The Baxter Building)
Wakanda (Home of the Black Panther and a vast vibranium mine in Africa)
The Xavier Institute For Higher Learning  (Home,base and training facility of the X-Men, Westchester New York)

Some others which may appear in some levels are Skrullus, The Moon, Hala, Olympus, Limbo, Shield Helicarrier, The Raft, The Big House and likely many more.

While we are speculating here is a list of characters who I believe are extremely likely (in addition to the ones listed above) to be included in the
100+ roster of characters reportedly being included in the game. We have split them into goodies and baddies.


Agent Phil Coulsen
Beta Ray Bill
Black Bolt
Black Panther
Doctor Strange
Howard The Duck
The Human Torch
The Invisible Woman
Iron Fist
Jean Grey
Maria Hill
Mister Fantastic
Moon Knight
Namor The Submariner
Nick Fury
Night Crawler
Power Man
Professor X
Rocket Raccoon
She Hulk
Star Lord
The Thing
War Machine
Winter Soldier


Absorbing Man
Baron Zemo
Baron Strucker
Doctor Doom
Doctor Octopus
Green Goblin
Iron Patriot
The Leader
The Lizard
The Red Skull
The Wrecking Crew

Likely I will have missed a few and if I think of anymore I will add them in. Feel free to tweet suggestions to us @42levelone
And I will add to this further as more details are released and confirmed.

Thanks for reading!

Andy Urquhart
42 Level One