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Ironpants: The Next Flappy Bird? by Andy Urquhart

Like Flappy Bird but harder. Not possible you say? Well play Ironpants by E2applets a few times and you will wonder what all the fuss is about with Flappy Bird. Ironpants flys faster and falls harder than the bird, he also wears a mask and a cape and what’s more fun than playing as a superhero? Ironpants is about a superhero who can fly but seems to have had a bit of a wardrobe malfunction and put on iron pants rather than his usual spandex ones and he needs to rescue someone so fast that he doesn't have time to go home and change. Is he drunk? Is he hungover? Is he in purgatory? Who knows and with a game this fun and challenging frankly it’s more interesting to have your own idea of why rather than be told what’s happening.

You hold your finger on screen to help him fly and let go to let gravity and the iron pants take effect. Unfortunately there are an infinite number of boxes for him to navigate through and crash into over and over again. That is it. Simple but deadly. And yes you will die, every single time. Though thankfully the game is never unfair and it is always your fault when you die. This is simply one of the hardest games ever created. Yes harder than Dark Souls, this game is absolutely not for casual gamers. It will frustrate the hell out of you and you will swear, a lot so do not play around kids. There are no in app purchases just a few adverts littered around inbetween deaths and, as it's an entirely free game, that's totally fine.

Once you beat your friends score though the satisfaction is instantly gratifying. It’s got that one more try element down perfectly and the fact that each attempt may only last a few seconds just makes you want to try again to get your fix. High score chasing is something every gamer will we familiar with and we’ve had plenty of discussions on the podcast about games like Zen Pinball 2 and Cloudberry Kingdom bragging about who has the highest score. Well Ironpants is yet another to add to the list of these one more time highscore chasers.

I’m off to try and get 42 on both Ironpants and Flappy Bird by the time the podcast airs next Tuesday! Best of luck with these incredibly addictive games folks!

Andy Urquhart
42 Level One

Ironpants is available now for free iOS and Android. What’s your high score? Tweet us Or Facebook us and remember to tune in to the show live on every Tuesday night at 4:30pm EST/9:30pm GMT/1:30pm PST and join us in the chat!