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Far Cry 3 Review by Robin McGrath (XBOX 360)



OK, give me an island with some colourful individuals a knife, bow and bandages. "still following," OK now throw in Sharks, Tigers, Deer, Komodo Dragons, Snakes, Bears and Wild  Dogs that will savage you and tear you limb for limb, still not got you attention yet then how about car chases, boat chases, scuba diving, ship wrecks, tomb raiding, hang gliding, base jumping.
"Well if that doesn't grab you then there's always Super Mario for you".

Far Cry 3 is the third installment in the Far Cry series but don't fret if you haven't played the rest there is no real need for you to of this one is a complete stand alone game with no tie ins to its two predecessors. Its a third person free roam game which if i was to compair it to its rival it would have to be Fall out But far Cry 3 Wins Hands down.
 Far Cry Three takes place on rook island in island that is steeped in history Beauty and wildlife the graphics in this game are nothing short on breath taking with close attention to tiny details life butterflies in the meadows to under water aquatic life and coral reefs that make you contemplate on buying a salt water fish tank.
the game centres around Jason in Innocent holiday maker who has unfortunately along with his family ended up in Rook island with the local inhabitants, there leader Vass is more than just crazy, insane and slightly deranged but all this apart he has vastly become one of my all time favourite bad guys in gaming history. i shall say no more an leave it for you to decide
The game Kicks off and starts moving along at a steady pace but for once i found your feet you off to free roam and for once that's all i did i was having so much fun that i completely forgot all about the main mission and started hunting, to craft myself ammo pouches and quivers. another thing about this game is that for once since about the first time i played dead space i found that this game was containing elements that are missing from games now a days like a little something i like to call the Jump factor for a game to be able to make a grown man jump 10 feet in the air when attacked by a crocodile,shark or tiger then this game must be doing something right

All in all Far Cry 3 is a game with a little bit of something for everyone with a fantastic story a great cast and the most unique antagonist I have met in a video game that's why I have chose this to be my 2012 game of the Year and gave it...............
Robin McGrath
42 Level One


Overall Score - 97%