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DMC: Devil May Cry Review by Robin McGrath (XBOX 360)



Okay , Are You  Ready?

If hacking and slashing games are your things, then DMC is the game for you. If you’re not a hater, and if you are then what exactly are you hating this game for? There is nothing that I can see worthy of hating and I have been a massive Devil May Cry fan from the start.
I feel that the new revival of the Devil May Cry franchise is the perfect way to go about it, complete with its subtle hints to its predeceasing games

With no memory of his heritage our hero Dante has led a somewhat reclusive life entertaining himself with pepperoni pizza, booze and, lets face it what I like to call "daddy if you could see me now” girls (you know what I mean). Although this to me seems like a way of our well know hero trying to go about his younger years trying to fit in and be normal as he, and we, know he is far from normal. This is the case until he meets Virgil and find out its his twin brother who kindly informs him of the fact that the entire human race has been unknowingly enslaved by demons and yes, you've guessed it, it’s up to our hero Dante to set them free.

The game is fantastic and fits in perfectly to the Devil May Cry franchise with the fighting style quickly becoming easy to get the grips of and the many weapons at your disposal to switch to, to create vast combos leading to massive high scores. Which is yet another reason why I love this game, the leaderboads give you something to aim for to grab bragging rights against your mates, not to mention massive replay ability

The game has fantastic level design and uses more modern game mechanics such as whip to get to enemies and surfaces and chain to pull enemies and platforms towards you and to jump or glide on to. One of my favorite parts was having to jump through the reflection of the TV tower in the river to pass through into an upside down prison in limbo. The boss fights are fun, especially the one in the techno club. Although, this is where I need to mention that they were relatively easy, as you are instructed what to do in order to defeat them. Then again most boss fights are nowadays as they lack the challenge factor and you don't seem to get that ‘fight to the death’ feeling, in games anymore, not only that but with the game being so lush I found myself being distracted by things happening in the background.

All in all I found this to be a great start to gaming this year and I give it a solid

39/42  JACKPOT



Overall Score - 93%