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Defense Grid 2 - Review by Andrew Davis (PS4)

Dg2 gamesplay 2

If tower defence games are your kind of games then without a doubt Defense Grid 2 is the game for you. Going from playing flash versions of tower defence games to playing Defense Grid 2 is like a breath of fresh air.

Defense Grid 2 takes it up an extra notch on tower defence games as you are able to now spend your resources to be able to change the layout of the pre-set maps by either moving or raising chunks of the track or pads which opens up a new variety of strategic varieties to try and earn the full twenty gold medals.

Game play wise Defense Grid 2 offers the same kind of strategic game play tower defense games should but with a few added extras from the previous Defense Grid game as it offers a new and old variety of cannons which are all upgradeable so you can defeat the aliens.

Unfortunately the multiplayer in Defense Grid 2 didn't offer the same experience you would hope for as both competitive and co-op modes feel too hectic to play as it lacks the ability to rewind a step or speed time up in both modes and with the resources in co-op mode you are restricted to resources between two players.

Graphically the game is outstanding as you wouldn't be to tell from the start of it but once you zoom into the map area it's self you're able to see see how much detail has been put into the map, aliens and the cannons.

So if your a fan of either the first Defense Grid game or either just like to play tower defense games in general then this is the game for you and I would happily recommend it.

Andrew Davis
42 Level One

Overall Score - 8/10