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gamescom2013 42 level one 2015

8 Predictions For Gamescom 2013

gamescom2013 42 level one 2015
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With Gamescom on the horizon and plenty of surprises sure to spring from the conference here are our eleventh hour predictions to come out of the show!

1. Sony reveal a PS4/VITA bundle
With Sony trying to push the Vita as a valid piece of hardware moving into this next gen of consoles, how  better to move a few units than to produce a PS4 bundle with the Vita bundled in at a slightly better price than buying both separate? Especially when you consider the advert to the left Sony have been pushing recently.

2. PS3/VITA price drop
With the PS3 far from dead and the Vita not selling as well as it should a price drop should seal some sales for Xmas from those not quite ready to make the step up to next gen.

3. XBox One solo pack or free pack in game.
With all the negative press Microsoft have had coupled with the backlash of the public and re thinking of policies having a solo pack at a reduced price, equal to or lower than that of PS4, may claw Microsoft back some support as they have stated that Kinect is no longer a required standard for the Xbox One surely this is a precursor to a full on announcment sans Kinect. If they choose not to go down this route rumour has it that they may go for a free third party “big Xmas release” game packed in with every console.
Call Of Duty: Ghosts seems like the most obvious choice though it could be any of the mulitplatform big releases epected at the end of the year (Assassins Creed 4: Black Flag, Battlefield 4, Watch Dogs etc). This could be easily done (provided Microsoft pays the coin) via a downloadable code in the box.

4. Gears of War
With most big titles showing face not even a whisper of the Gears franchise has emerged, so expect at least a teaser logo for next gen Gears to get the crowd hyped for Microsoft’s exclusive franchise.

5. Battlefield 4 and Call Of Duty: Ghosts
These two titles will be everywhere, the big guns will be playable on the show floor with plenty showing off of the new dynamic environments as the two go head to head for top shooter of the next gen launches.

6. Blizzard
Blizzard will be on top form showing off the next World of Warcraft expansion and we reckon WOW on at least one of the next gen consoles as a pack with all the expansions to date day one! I personally would like to see Warcraft 4 but hey we can only dream eh?

7. Uncharted 4
Nathan drake and Sony go hand in hand so a presence from naughty dog hot on the heals of their smash hit last of us would easily go toe to toe with our predicted Microsoft next gen gears announcement....the question is where in the world will our pal Nathan be off to next in his travels for treasure?

8. Nintendo show up in cosplay and prance around not giving a f!?@
Nintendo seem to be holding on with their finger tips and have shown us their cards for this year in their Nintendo Direct. Expect playable demos of their Xmas line up and not a lot else!

So there you have it our 8 predictions for Games com! Do you think Nathan drake will top Marcus fenix? Or do you see Xbox claiming back some needed support with some new info on the console? Let us know and remember you heard it here first folks!


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